- What a pleasure it was to stay here, pity we only had one night. Raymund Vincent Fernandez Aaron (General Manager) was wonderful to deal with in booking our stay before we left Australia. He kindly let us stay on a Thursday night, even though they are normally only open to guests on weekends (this also meant we were the only guests there). We were warmly greeted by Angelo when we arrived and taken on a personal tour of the property, which included a trip to the local river and a swim. The vegetable garden is amazing and it's just great to see what the Aaron family's vision has achieved. We enjoyed the collection of farm animals on the property & hand feeding the lone water buffalo with fresh bananas! The cottage accommodation was very comfortable and air conditioned - we appreciated the fact that our girls had their own room (next to ours in a cute cottage). The food (which we arranged when we booked) was magnificent, particularly enjoyed the chicken with green papaya. We discovered that Angelo is a very accomplished chef, tour guide and wonderful host who ensures the guests' experience is memorable (thank you Angelo).

We also arranged massages for us all at short notice (these were great). Our experience at Villa Socorro was the highlight of out trip to Pagsanjan. We visited the falls after breakfast on the Friday morning and were able to come back to our rooms, shower and check out.
Highly recommend Villa Socorro. It would be good for a group of friends/families to unwind, relax and connect with nature in a rural Philippine setting which promotes sustainable living. We loved it. -

-Shemhast - May, 2013

- We had a wonderful time in Villa Socorro just this March 2013. We arrived there in Pagsanjan around 2pm and so we were not able to immediately go shoot the rapids. However, we had a great family bonding time in the resort, whiling the time away in the veranda by the river. We also enjoyed the super yummy food- the bagoong alone is to-die for (plus a lot more!). We do hope we will be able to visit your resort again. I have been telling my friends about your resort. Thanks too to Angelo and Manang who made our stay very memorable. Regards!

- Carmela Sarabia Litonjua - March, 2013

- We are so happy that we spent our weekend there. the place was relaxing, i love the trees and the bahay kubo veggies.haha. i love the food too (ginataang puso ng saging the best) it feels like home what i really like the most is how people there are very kind and approachable... as in! we will definitely go back there - Marielle Krizanne Catral - May, 2012

- Thanks for the very nice service! We enjoyed our stay in your place last weekend and we like the idea that your guests are sharing something in our nature like planting trees! We hope to get back again and see how our planted guyabano is growing

- Lyneth Pulido - March, 2012

My friend and I arrived at around 4pm. We were welcome by Raymond, the son of the owner. He is also the person who handles reservations. Very accommodating and friendly. I had to move my reservation a day later and he wasn't difficult to talk to. His ultimate concern was always "the convenience of the guest." Quite impressive... he understands hospitality and great customer service. The rooms are nice. Clean toilet and bath.
The experience was very unique. After putting our things in the room, my friend and I went around and took pictures. It was a hot day.. I asked for drinking water and was told to go to their dining hall. My friend and I just sat there to talk and was offered snacks. I think it was bibingka and kesong puti. It was different compared to the bibingka available in Manila. After 90mins dinner was ready. They served ginataang manok (w/ papaya), friend fish, rice fried saging na saba and nilagang mais.
The following day for breakfast we had dinaing na biya, lucban longganisa, fried egg and garlic rice. After breakfast, we did the tree planting. The guests in each room planted a rambutan tree. The owner, Mr. Aaron guided us during the tree planting. It was an interesting experience. After that Raymond brought the guests around the farm and gave us a little bit of history of the resort. We saw the classic scene: a lady washing clothes by the river and a horse taking a dip in the river and later was joined by a boy.
Before we left the resort, they gave us a small native bag filled with goodies: banana chips (their own product), key chain similar to what we had during our stay, ref magnet and a certificate saying we planted a rambutan tree. Overall, my friend and I had a great time. It was a birthday gift to my friend and surely, she enjoyed it. It was a fun, learning and unique experience. The place is easy to find and accessible to commuters. To Raymond and his dad, kudos!

- jasper2276 - August, 2011

we, global xchange team, went there for the debrief at the very end of our volunteering placement in the philippines, and we had one of best times out of whole experience (i did, and i am pretty sure others did too :) the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing, everyone is extremely nice and very helpful ! i really liked the acommodation, hammocks (!), loved the food, mini zoo ;), banana crisps, tree planting, walking around the farm, all the nature, hitory of the place and a boat ride to the falls!

all in all i really, really enjoyed it and i would definitely recommend it to everyone :) "

- justine marielle - September, 2011

My boyfriend and I visited Villa Socorro last Aug 26-27 for the post-celebration of our 2nd year anniversary. We really enjoyed our stay here. Two thumbs up for their great deal offered in cash cash pinoy. We love everything we experienced in Villa Socorro, from the accommodation, the hospitality of all the staffs, the warm welcome given to us by Raymund and Sir Mars, the wonderful foods, the recreation and the very relaxing tree planting activity and forest spa massage.

We also like to congratulate the Aaron family for their amazing "sabananachips". We bought a box of banana chips as pasalubong and our friends are really amazed with its delicious taste.

-Chad and Jane - September, 2011

I usually scout for good deals in Cashcashpinoy and found the day trip deal in Villa Socorro. After checking their site, I decided to *** it. So we decided to use the voucher last August 20 to celebrate our 17th month in Pangsanjan. It was a good day. The food was great, the ambiance and the place is really relaxing. Raymund was a great "tour guy" as well. From how they create their yummy banana chips to the tree planting (in the rain, may i add!), to the tour in the town proper. It was very informative and fun, too. But the adventure actually started when we climbed the hill going to the "tangke". It's like a mini-trek to the woods. The view was magnificent but make sure to wear closed shoes and the non-slippery once so that it would be easier to climb the hill. Capping of the tour with Aling Taleng's halohalo :) After being so sticky from the climb, we swam in the river. A good way to end the day. :)

Thanks Raymund and the family for being so warm in accomodating us despite our late arrival! Til our next visit :)

-Mica and Jet - August, 2011

If you have plans to visit Pagsanjan, Laguna, I personally suggest Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort. It is actually Class A farm resort for me. They have a lot of great and very relaxing rooms which can accommodate around 30 guests if I’m not mistaken. They also have a souvenir shop, a tree house which is perfect for the massage area and a lot more. There are numerous activities in the area like swimming, nature tripping and of course tree planting. Yes, I am proud to say that my first ever tree planting was at Villa Socorro and I am the 6th and I think the last guest to plan the Caballero tree. The farm resort has venues for various events like team building, company planning and session etc.. My boyfriend and I chose to stay at Villa Socorro not only because of the great deal that they had with Cash Cash but because we’ve been seeing a great feedback about the farm. Our room was good for two. It was an air-conditioned room with TV and a queen-sized bed. We were also allowed to use the kitchen including the refrigerator at no additional cost. The staff were so polite (I just did not get her name), service were excellent and the food tastes great..still can’t get over with sumptuous food, I wonder who the cook is..And of course, Kudos to the GM-General Manager/ TG-Tour Guide/ COO-Child of the Owner, Raymund and to the Resident Farmer, Mr. Marcial. Both of them were very friendly and so warm. Two thumbs up, we were so glad we stayed at Villa Socorro Agri-Eco and Farm Resort.

-leigh and carlo
- August, 2011